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Yetien: - Wed 9:39am
Yetien: check this video out i know its a airplane simulator but its still awesome and i want one - Wed 9:39am
Yetien: Yeah love that texxon cam i have used it all season :-D - Wed 9:38am
PloP: remember to back up your \f12013\cars folder first :> - Tue 8:43pm
PloP: - Tue 8:41pm
Kurvz: ok he will provide can you add me to steam kurvz - Tue 8:40pm
Nuggz: i want it :[ - Tue 8:34pm
Kurvz: plop gave it to me its awesome inbetween - Tue 8:33pm
Nuggz: how did you get that view kurvs? - Tue 8:30pm
Kurvz: Yes Finally got a 1:39 online :) - Tue 8:21pm
R.A.J: Red Bull lost appeal for DQ in Australia so it still stands that no points for Ricciardo - Tue 5:56pm
Gerhard Berger: I retired, have to dinner ;) - Tue 10:59am
Kurvz: From last nights Race :) the last lap is very funny , thanks to BO:) - Tue 7:13am
Kurvz: - Tue 7:12am
Kramma: - Mon 11:16pm
Kramma: i'm doing TT - Mon 10:31pm
Mini Mag (Bo): i am off to bed gerhard, so not me. - Mon 10:12pm
Gerhard Berger: well... lets race ? or not ? - Mon 9:58pm
Gerhard Berger: lolol - Mon 9:57pm
Mini Mag (Bo): HAHA kurvz - Mon 9:53pm
Mini Mag (Bo): be happy for you dont can see it tycoon just a fat guy dancing lol :P - Mon 9:52pm
BigChokDK: ahh okay... hard to beat your vid Kurvz :D - Mon 9:51pm
BigChokDK: - Mon 9:51pm
BigChokDK: This will happen when I get new graphic card - Mon 9:50pm
tycoon78: the second video is blocked for my ip - Mon 9:38pm
tycoon78: thats an indian child dancing on a indian movie song of Salman khan :P - Mon 9:36pm
Kramma: haha - Mon 9:36pm
Kurvz: - Mon 9:35pm
Kurvz: look what happen when Kurvz win the race - Mon 9:35pm
Kurvz: yeah lol :P - Mon 9:35pm
tycoon78: that noob league has banned us - Mon 9:35pm
Kurvz: look what happened when Assim win the race - Mon 9:34pm
Kurvz: - Mon 9:33pm
tycoon78: :D - Mon 9:32pm
tycoon78: thats an armoured tank for Maldonado - Mon 9:31pm
Mini Mag (Bo): new lotus just arrived for maldonado :D - Mon 9:13pm
Gerhard Berger: lol true - Mon 7:46pm
Mini Mag (Bo): always funny to see other fail GB :P - Mon 7:43pm
Gerhard Berger: LOL bo nice one - Mon 7:41pm
Mini Mag (Bo): :P - Mon 7:17pm
BigChokDK: Hey RAJ.. yeah it is confusing, sorry.. but she decided i should go for a 770 - Mon 7:15pm
R.A.J: - Mon 7:01pm
R.A.J: hey Yetien you should go for this computer case just because it looks mean (not that you are) - Mon 7:01pm
Mini Mag (Bo): trulli vs sutil lol so funny - Mon 7:00pm
Mini Mag (Bo): - Mon 7:00pm
Putttee (Slipstr: so lets do Korea and see if there are any cameraguys on the nose - Mon 6:52pm
Putttee (Slipstr: lols - Mon 6:51pm
Mini Mag (Bo): - Mon 6:49pm
R.A.J: with rain, freezing rain and snow possible - Mon 4:35pm
Gerhard Berger: oh god RAJ... this planet is all fu**ed up - Mon 4:30pm
R.A.J: mother nature playing cruel joke on us Canadians, 20 C today -1 C tomorrow - Mon 4:21pm
R.A.J: Now Chok you are just confusing me, not nice to do to an old guy "My wife decided if I should buy a 660 vs 770... good girl :)" - Mon 3:54pm
BigChokDK: but the 660 (half the price!) was very close as well - Mon 3:23pm
BigChokDK: - Mon 3:23pm
BigChokDK: I ended up with this - Mon 3:23pm
BigChokDK: to decide :) - Mon 3:22pm
BigChokDK: it was very hard to make a desiccion - Mon 3:22pm
BigChokDK: YES - Mon 3:22pm
Yetien: Hey Chiokki you bought a new GPU? - Mon 3:22pm
BigChokDK: Hi RAMMER :D - Mon 3:19pm
BigChokDK: RAJ.. my 770.. u mean? :) - Mon 3:18pm
Gerhard Berger: I bought a Ati 7850 6 months ago.... love it - Mon 3:09pm
R.A.J: and you can still re-use the 660 when you get your whole new computer :-) - Mon 3:01pm
BigChokDK: yeah, I owned a rather cheap (and used) XFX card once.. it was pretty okay as well - Mon 2:51pm
Gerhard Berger: :P :P - Mon 2:50pm
BigChokDK: :D:D:D - Mon 2:50pm
BigChokDK: .... you're not coming through, GB... what did u say???? - Mon 2:50pm
Gerhard Berger: ATI is the power !!! - Mon 2:50pm
BigChokDK: She said she would have to hear me complain every day if I bought the 660 :D - Mon 2:49pm
BigChokDK: My wife decided if I should buy a 660 vs 770... good girl :) - Mon 2:48pm
BigChokDK: yeah.. best I could affort and still get some advantage compared to my old 570 - Mon 2:46pm
R.A.J: cool - Mon 2:42pm
BigChokDK: Buying GTX 770 evga now - Mon 1:34pm
BigChokDK: but.. Microsoft never gives anything for free.. so where's the rub? ;) - Mon 1:33pm
BigChokDK: that's some great news I guess - Mon 1:32pm
BigChokDK: and the good news: Q: Should I wait to buy a new PC or GPU? A: No – if you buy a PC with supported graphics hardware (over 80% of gamer PCs currently being sold), you’ll be able to enjoy all the power - Mon 1:31pm
BigChokDK: lol - Mon 1:30pm
Mini Mag (Bo): Can you use it with your onboard gpu chok? :P - Mon 1:28pm
BigChokDK: erhh 12 - Mon 1:26pm
BigChokDK: - Mon 1:26pm
BigChokDK: Aaargh.. Microsoft has announced DirectX 14 - Mon 1:26pm
Mini Mag (Bo): - Mon 11:37am
PloP: i think it takes quite a while before the game registers that a player has left - Sun 10:19pm
R.A.J: I actually waited for you too for a while until I noticed you weren't moving then subsequently retired - Sun 9:45pm
PloP: doesnt take much to make me hammer ALT + F4 - Sun 9:44pm
PloP: i think am at the end of my F1 career anyway - Sun 9:44pm
tycoon78: i got penalty from jaimmix lag... - Sun 9:44pm
Mini Mag (Bo): or i lag in the beginning :P - Sun 9:44pm
Mini Mag (Bo): and i say cheat every one maked false start :P - Sun 9:44pm
PloP: no worries mate - Sun 9:43pm
R.A.J: plop really sorry about end of long straight, using large brakes and used normal braking point which was a bit further than where your's was - Sun 9:42pm
Mini Mag (Bo): good race guys, hard on the tyre korea. - Sun 9:41pm
R.A.J: weird filter on that one :-? - Sun 7:33pm
R.A.J: Just kidding that was a paid for adverti*****t by Codemasters, it is the only way I can get my 5 cents worth in - Sun 7:33pm
R.A.J: Welcome to F1 2013! - Sun 7:32pm
Putttee (Slipstr: I need to redeem myself. lol - Sun 6:07pm
Putttee (Slipstr: ok, next round of Korea. lol - Sun 6:06pm
Kurvz: - Sun 5:21pm
Kurvz: got me some 16gb Ballistix ram on the way prob wont do much but im feeling better already - Sun 5:20pm
Kurvz: Yes cuz virgin has made my Ears bleed for nearly two weeks had to do some retail Therapy :P - Sun 5:19pm
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