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R.A.J: Too bad Bo, told you should have camped outside his door, but then he still might have sold it before you got there and you would have camped for nothing - Wed 1:03pm
Mini Mag (Bo): I should have call him last night chok, he have sold it now :( so no spare seat and g27 for me :P - Wed 9:33am
Yetien: I also want to meet the royals if they fund random dudes racing career :-P - Wed 8:03am
DarkElf12: met the royals today. William said he would fund my racing career - Wed 7:02am
Lundberg: yeah seems so,lol - Wed 5:22am
Lundberg: morning,100% spain right date 10 may? - Wed 5:20am
Gerhard Berger: hey guys, any race? - Tue 10:19pm
Kurvz: lol since 1976 :) - Tue 7:26pm
Yetien: hehe - Tue 7:24pm
Yetien: Ohhh you are not a liverpool fan? sheit - Tue 7:24pm
Kurvz: my team on course to win the premiership so be back in europe - Tue 7:14pm
Kurvz: kk - Tue 7:14pm
Yetien: and then its still only 50-50 chance :-P - Tue 7:08pm
Yetien: Not before after champions league :-P - Tue 7:08pm
Kurvz: lol she will catch me , have you seen me im sloooow , any Japan tonight ? - Tue 7:06pm
Yetien: yeah you better or she will kill you :-D but if she ever tries to kill you just get in your f1 car and drive away LOL - Tue 7:02pm
Kurvz: gtg wash up bbs - Tue 6:56pm
Kurvz: not looking for super frame rates just want to lock at that 60fps - Tue 6:56pm
Kurvz: well last time she was drunk she told me she wished I was dead ! , - Tue 6:56pm
Yetien: she might beat you up really bad but she will not kill you LOL - Tue 6:55pm
Kurvz: my cpu would be the big bottle neck , its weak , gonna hold the R9 back a little , ive got a Amd a10 5700 , so im slowly gonna build a new system on the r9 , just need main board and cpu later on - Tue 6:55pm
Kurvz: ok no just 1 extra fan - Tue 6:53pm
Kurvz: lol cuz the wife would murder me - Tue 6:53pm
Yetien: 650w should do ok with 1 GPU and then it doesnt matter its only bronze as long as you dont plug in 20 hdd and 40 fans - Tue 6:53pm
Kurvz: lol no ngood having that m,ate , if your dead - Tue 6:53pm
Yetien: get that gtx 780 ti you wont regret it :-P - Tue 6:52pm
Kurvz: what the PSU will hold the gfx back ? , its was recommended by the store :( - Tue 6:52pm
Yetien: it will hold up :-) - Tue 6:51pm
Kurvz: yeah but atm im not reaching 60fps , only when doing TT :( , ive got a 7790 atm - Tue 6:51pm
Yetien: if you have the right hardware then it should just lock at 60 with vsync on - Tue 6:50pm
Kurvz: oh yeah neartly got a gtx 270 .. its a 650w 80+ broonze edition - Tue 6:50pm
Kurvz: my FPS drops down Race day to like 38 with Vsync enabled cuz of the G27 im wondering if thats why :P - Tue 6:50pm
Yetien: watts - Tue 6:50pm
Yetien: and how many watss PSU - Tue 6:49pm
Yetien: ohh you going AMD.. thought you would want Nvidia :-P - Tue 6:49pm
Kurvz: I got a Asus R9 270 + coolermaster PSU - Tue 6:48pm
Kurvz: Raj is making progress every race whilst im going backwards - Tue 6:48pm
Yetien: Ohh what you got? - Tue 6:47pm
Yetien: Ohh so RAJ is the next big thing we have to watch out for - Tue 6:47pm
Kurvz: Glad you feeling ok Yetien , my race pace was so bad , it prompted my decision to purchase gfx and psu lol - Tue 6:47pm
Kurvz: LOL Hi the one round the bend , well executed you were forceful but very fair - Tue 6:46pm
Yetien: - Tue 6:37pm
R.A.J: thankfully - Tue 6:36pm
R.A.J: in practice I think there was 2 similar situations with Kurvz (had DRS though) and both times I went to the left and went basically straight off so thought I would try it a bit different and it worked - Tue 6:36pm
R.A.J: *two - Tue 6:32pm
Yetien: Every pass you make is brilliant because you gain a position unless you are unlapping yourself - Tue 6:32pm
R.A.J: like to magnets repelling each other I think - Tue 6:32pm
R.A.J: Oh Hi Kurvz lol - Tue 6:31pm
R.A.J: plus my pass on Kurvz was brilliant if I do say so myself - Tue 6:31pm
Yetien: but it still looked funny :-P - Tue 6:31pm
R.A.J: no not that part but the other bit where I catch up and get back into 4th, I feel bad about the first part :( even though it was just a race incident - Tue 6:30pm
Yetien: Yeah i have seen it looks great how you and trueman goes to each other side - Tue 6:26pm
R.A.J: or indeed if you were going to, no pressure though - Tue 6:24pm
R.A.J: like my first lap recovery in Korea (if you have watched it yet) - Tue 6:23pm
R.A.J: Good to hear - Tue 6:20pm
Yetien: Im doing ok - Tue 6:11pm
R.A.J: Hello Yetien, how are you doing? - Tue 6:07pm
BigChokDK: nooo don't patch the dog! - Tue 5:52pm
R.A.J: - Tue 4:30pm
R.A.J: - Tue 4:29pm
R.A.J: nah the only thing patches are good for is for fixing holes in your pants and naming your dog that has the black circle part around one eye - Tue 4:28pm
BigChokDK: RAJ, I see it other way 'round... with patches they could actually make a whole new game if they want. There's no hardware to limit that :) - Tue 3:53pm
R.A.J: still very unfortunate incident with my pal and former teammate Trueman :( but I did have my best every recovery after an off - Tue 1:18pm
R.A.J: Korea Hilites, - Tue 1:17pm
R.A.J: read the article it is funny, only thing codemasters has ever said that is true "there is only so much you can achieve with patches" - Tue 1:15pm
BigChokDK: - Tue 10:58am
BigChokDK: GRID Autosport is coming! - Tue 10:58am
Kurvz: opps I just bought a new GFX and PSU , I mean I won it in a on-line competition if the wife asks :P - Mon 11:37pm
Kurvz: now im sure I know the track ill be doing socials from tomorrow - Mon 11:02pm
Kurvz: I seem to be going ok at Japan so far looking for that 1:32 now - Mon 11:01pm
Kurvz: No good trying to be nice to me today .. you made my ears bleed yesterday :P - Mon 11:00pm
Putttee (Slipstr: glad the raceaint this weekend cuz I would have been faaar behind you Kurvz - Mon 9:47pm
Kurvz: - Mon 3:54pm
Kurvz: getting on with Japan , now that my ass was kicked by putttee @ Korea lol - Mon 3:54pm
Putttee (Slipstr: its more like that all cars arround me in the real race isnt cars that lap me. lol - Mon 3:22pm
R.A.J: exactly - Mon 1:52pm
Mini Mag (Bo): yes right raj, so he only hear the engine :D - Mon 1:52pm
R.A.J: a listen mute he means not a mic mute, won't help you concentrate any more if you can't be heard but you can still hear others, lol - Mon 1:51pm
Mini Mag (Bo): Maybe a mute button for team speak? :P - Mon 1:49pm
Putttee (Slipstr: need to get more focused now when I do fight for places. lol - Mon 1:43pm
Putttee (Slipstr: I could have beaten Trueman there - Mon 1:42pm
Putttee (Slipstr: yeah, noticed last lap - Mon 1:41pm
R.A.J: Yes, well no, but yes, my front tire touched his rear one, reversing rotation on my front sending me left into him which sent him right etc. - Mon 1:33pm
Mini Mag (Bo): And sorry trueman and raj, but it actually look funny the accident you have after 1st corner :P - Mon 1:23pm
Mini Mag (Bo): it was 7th position if you have used it on the long straigh some laps, but good drive anyway :D - Mon 1:20pm
Mini Mag (Bo): +1 lap fuel in the end putte? :( - Mon 1:19pm
Putttee (Slipstr: - Mon 1:09pm
Andy Robbo: - Mon 11:33am
Kurvz: yeah I think so :P - Mon 11:08am
Kurvz: lol - Mon 11:08am
Putttee (Slipstr: nice one. I would prob change the name to slip or something other than SS. Sound a bit too WW2. lol - Mon 10:32am
Kurvz: - Mon 8:33am
Mini Mag (Bo): Maybe we need that ludo league then lol :D or just a tournament some day could also be fun :P - Mon 1:54am
Putttee (Slipstr: I will gladly change it for race wins. lol - Mon 12:47am
Putttee (Slipstr: why cant I race like I play Ludo??? - Mon 12:47am
Kurvz: ill upload my video through the night :) - Sun 11:01pm
Kurvz: putttee pwned my Welsh assssssss - Sun 10:40pm
Kurvz: Amazing I have a video for once and I ****ed the race lol - Sun 10:40pm
Nuggz: dash recorded the whole thing, it is worth a watch. When i mean neck and neck i mean the whole race we was in the DRS zones... until the last 3 laps. Dash used common sense and saved fuel :( - Sun 10:31pm
Mini Mag (Bo): you recorded it nuggz? - Sun 10:29pm
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