We regret to inform you that Slipstreamers has closed down.

We have had a lot of fun over the past few years with some great racing with great drivers. A big thanks to all members, it would not have been what it was without you.

A special thanks to some of the dedicated admins, F1 Dave, BigChokDK and Getitdone, that have put time and effort into supporting this community in it's time in the limelight.

Remember some of Slipstreamers' greats

RAJ, Kramma, senna_forever, M!xxer, ChokDK, ROCKET, Gerhard Burger, Davemabb, Kurvz, Puttee, MSportBMW, f0zz, Getitdone, hager, lundberg, Paultjepower, saurav_wow, silathedane, stadler, wesley pipes and shev

A big thanks to all those that turned up week in, week out.

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