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R.A.J.: F1 2014 sounds interesting and if I read it correctly they will do DLC (or updates whatever) for the real 2015 spec cars in early 2015 so the game is up to date so to speak - Thu 12:58pm
KillSwitcHEnGaGE: i won't be racing tonights race as my F1 2013 is acting a bit strange... keeps on restarting :/ think i need to delete it and reinstall it :S more time off the tracks :/ - Thu 12:08pm
Mini Mag (Bo): Yeah some great moves last night from miniblack :D good 20 point to slipstreamers you 2 scored :D and if you get 1 and 2 in the last race i will give you 2 a big icecream :D - Thu 11:37am
Kramma: EASY - Thu 10:00am
Kramma: But in brazil 1-2 - Thu 10:00am
Kramma: But Mini did a good job! 4-6 - Thu 10:00am
Kramma: Ty hard one, when my tires was gone the last 2 laps. I think when we are racing that track in AOR i need a better setup wasen't the best i had.. - Thu 10:00am
R.A.J.: - Thu 1:43am
R.A.J.: quite as wide the second time. Also don't know if anyone else was watching Codies stream but at the end was a splash screen about an annoucement for F1 2014 tomorrow - Thu 1:42am
R.A.J.: Great job Mini and Kramma, good finishing positions considering you were in with the bashers at the start and great double pass move Mini, you almost did it again a few laps later but they didn't go - Thu 1:40am
WouterG: - Mon 10:37am
Putttee: ok - Sun 6:16pm
martin.kundih: Me to, I cant race tonigt guys. - Sun 5:45pm
Putttee: for the 100% that is - Sun 5:04pm
Putttee: so only 2 showed up so lets reschedule until 2 weeks from now since f1 has a break anyway - Sun 5:04pm
Mini Mag (Bo): Lets reschedule the race to next week? - Sat 6:16pm
Trueman: i also cant race tonight - Sat 2:26pm
Putttee: lol, I miss all the wrong races - Sat 2:05pm
KillSwitcHEnGaGE: Im not able to join either.. going to the cinema to see the new "Transformers".... - Sat 1:49pm
Putttee: Anyone thats doing tonights 100% race that can host. I cant join and as of now both Kurvz and Bo is uncertain so I need someone to host or we have to reschedule the race - Sat 1:23pm
Kurvz: thanks Bo , and nice one Kill - Fri 1:17pm
Mini Mag (Bo): yeah great kil - Fri 11:11am
KillSwitcHEnGaGE: woop wooop... just on my first race im on 12 points ;) and was 2 laps behind ;) - Fri 11:09am
Mini Mag (Bo): Result is up to date now kurvz ;) - Fri 11:08am
Kurvz: Morning any-chance a Admin can update the Thursday league results please , cheers - Fri 7:46am
Kurvz: my video including audio Sync :( - Fri 7:42am
Kurvz: Result from todays race - Thu 10:41pm
Kramma: so i can stream now - Thu 7:05pm
WouterG: - Thu 1:31pm
Kurvz: Yeah nice one Krammy :) that german was a super cnut - Wed 10:58pm
Kramma: ty guys - Wed 9:38pm
F1Dave: should be banned going off that - Wed 9:31pm
Mini Mag (Bo): he dont like to loose, same guy had some issue with kramma in spain grr - Wed 9:28pm
F1Dave: noticed he got back past, assume he rammed him off then as well - Wed 9:25pm
F1Dave: that was awful, maybe he had a lag issue but to me looked like him was ramming him off on purpose - Wed 9:25pm
Mini Mag (Bo): And he supposed to race for a Gentlemans club!! - Wed 9:24pm
F1Dave: they league must be shocking - Wed 9:22pm
F1Dave: thats preety poor - Wed 9:22pm
F1Dave: every time wouter tried to over take that andrei guy hes was rammed off - Wed 9:21pm
F1Dave: good to see that not even codies can host a lag free race - Wed 9:20pm
F1Dave: and some seriously bad lag - Wed 9:20pm
F1Dave: wow there is some seriously bad drivers in that codies league - Wed 9:20pm
KillSwitcHEnGaGE: gratz ;) - Wed 9:18pm
KillSwitcHEnGaGE: nice fourth place Kramma - Wed 9:18pm
miniblack: - Wed 8:15pm
F1Dave: cheers kramma - Wed 7:31pm
R.A.J.: you racing Kramma? - Wed 7:28pm
Kramma: - Wed 7:19pm
F1Dave: any streams? - Wed 7:17pm
F1Dave: codies race tonight? - Wed 7:17pm
Snarf Snarf Lion: f;a;g - Wed 5:23pm
Snarf Snarf Lion: lol it's filtering out *** in my youtube link - Wed 5:23pm
Snarf Snarf Lion:***&list=UUQoNvO8HXN93NOIgWwRtVLQ - Wed 5:22pm
Snarf Snarf Lion:*** - Wed 5:22pm
BigChokDK: hello.. I'm "out of office" till Tuesday :D - Wed 10:46am
Kurvz: Just a Reminder Thursday League is Back this Thursday 20:00 GMT Germany Nurburgring - Wed 8:24am
Mini Mag (Bo): Hey and welcome Rookie_14 - Tue 11:45pm
Mini Mag (Bo): in spa for the codies league ;) - Mon 5:30pm
Mini Mag (Bo): Hey guys lets have a test session tonight at 21bst or around that time. - Mon 5:29pm
KillSwitcHEnGaGE: Darn... just bought Assetto Corsa... now im really in too deep in the racing themes... - Mon 2:55pm
Kurvz: FFS made it throughn the steam red tape - Sun 12:08pm
miniblack: - Wed 10:47pm
Mini Mag (Bo): and multitwitch :D - Wed 7:16pm
miniblack: My stream for the race to night ! :) - Wed 7:10pm
miniblack: - Wed 7:10pm
BigChokDK: hahaaa! - Wed 9:33am
Kurvz: - Mon 8:07am
Snarf Snarf Lion: Congrats on the codies places Bo and Kramma, to celebrate you victories enjoy this - Fri 8:43am
Kurvz: yeah great Race to watch nice job Guys - Fri 8:13am
Mini Mag (Bo): Thx dave, my video is on youtube later, and i am really happy with 4th for kramma and 6th for me, 20 good points for slipstreamers in first race. - Thu 9:36pm
Putttee: good job - Thu 9:11pm
Putttee: awesomeness - Thu 9:10pm
Kramma: Ty dave3 - Thu 9:10pm
F1Dave: missed first 12 lasts, twitch about as usfull as steam, 4th and 6th well done guys - Thu 9:08pm
Mini Mag (Bo): Jules is on a roll!! - Tue 1:47pm
Kurvz: - Sun 11:21am
Kurvz: Yeah Nice one Kramma :) , I was having a great race till a bit of grit got in my eye on lap 39 causing me to crash !!! - Sat 10:32pm
Kramma: ty putte - Sat 10:12pm
Putttee: grats kramma on the win - Sat 9:40pm
F1Dave: good luck all:) - Sat 7:34pm
F1Dave: yeah and me m8, sure i will :) thanks - Sat 7:27pm
Kramma: just hope you will get it better :) - Sat 7:26pm
Kramma: no one is - Sat 7:25pm
F1Dave: anyone streaming? - Sat 7:24pm
F1Dave: good luck - Sat 7:24pm
F1Dave: ok m8 - Sat 7:24pm
Kramma: Gonna go now, 100% race is starting now - Sat 7:24pm
F1Dave: and its still no good lol - Sat 7:24pm
F1Dave: and im my own boss - Sat 7:24pm
F1Dave: good cal, 15 years ago it was a good line of work to follow, but now not so much - Sat 7:23pm
Kramma: staying away from that anyways :) - Sat 7:22pm
Kramma: yeah that sucks - Sat 7:22pm
F1Dave: stay out of the building trade :)( - Sat 7:21pm
F1Dave: one tip for you - Sat 7:21pm
F1Dave: my back is not the only thing that hurts :) - Sat 7:20pm
F1Dave: but im 30 - Sat 7:20pm
F1Dave: not sure atm m8, just sitting here at the pc is quite painfull, depending on how it goes i will be pulling out of any races im involved it - Sat 7:20pm
Kramma: oh, when can you comeback then? - Sat 7:18pm
F1Dave: yeah im bust mate but im currently suffering with a bck injury thats keeping me from anysort of game time - Sat 7:18pm
Kramma: doing good, busy with work. u? - Sat 7:17pm
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